the never was

We made it - almost!

Well we made it. We only missed the Anniversary by 1 year and 2 months...........- not bad going, I think S.A.D & M.A.D should team up more often.

It's been a fun year and a bit. Actually if we take into account when this idea was first mooted and I got together David & Ashley; we can't be far off 2 years now. I wrote draft one of the script, we all hooked up and watched 'Blake's Legend', another fanfiction love letter (that one's not finished either, but that's another story, maybe one which can continue here..........). I passed the script to David for a "drive by" and after several changes we started to put together a low res "pre-vis". No not the computer graphic that Spielberg or Lucas would do!, but Ashley, David, myself and a dustbin.

From there it was a voyage to a sports hall where we first saw "Wilton" & "Devlin" fight, back to David's for planning, to the Christian Outreach Centre where we filmed our mini-web-a-sode......This was after driving a van, twice there, twice back – putting up the set, having a run through (of sorts), and then fFilming on the third day and taking the set down. Finally driving the van (In the rain) and getting home at 1 in the morning.

I managed to pool together 99% of the old gang who I have spent 20 odd years filming with....blowing up cars....destroying sand quarries....two feature films (one with a Muppet), several shorts and of course murdering scripts with some diabolical acting.

It's been a blast! But we are in the here and now and the time has come for...............................The Neverwas!