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The Stunt Action Specialists

Friday 14th February 2014
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The Stunt Action Specialists

Now and again I work for Wayne De Strete. It's mainly character paparazzi; meet, greet and take pictures. I've also got to be part of a show (When they've were a man down), I've also filmed their 'Stunt Action' Days at Pinewood Studios and on this occasion it was all hands on deck for a big Prohibition Show at some top swanky gaff in London. After my Pap duties Wayne asked if I could film their last show of 2013, so with my Trusty Z1, Jerry on his DSLR (My fellow pap for the night) and my trusty Croc cam up on a pole, we filmed the show. Could have done with more cameras and a Tec rehearsal, but what the hell.


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